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Golden Button
Sewing & Alterations

Do you have any of your favourite clothes, which don’t fit you anymore or came out of style?



Golden Button Sewing & Alteration


Motorcycle gear repairs

If you are a motorbike enthusiast, we have an offer created especially for you. We understand how important is your outfit, and to protect your body effectively, it needs to be in perfect condition. We also know, that when you already have your favourite and the most comfortable outfit, you want to have it forever. If it requires any kind of repair, bring it to us. We repair all kinds of jackets, suits, trousers, gloves, fabric or leather. You can either deliver or post it. We will make sure that it’s going to look brand new, when you collect it.


Design and Make to measure

Are you dreaming of new, unique outfit? We are very happy to design it for you, or make it from your own design. Made to measure and customised, it is going to be the only one in the world.Did you find the fabric you fell in love with? Bring it with you, and let us work our magic.


Corrections and Repairs

We provide wide range of services including: relining, mending, shortening, adding to length, letting out, trimming and resizing. We also do any emergency repairs like zips and buttons replacement. Any repairs to torn fabric like darning, patching.



Do you have any of your favourite clothes, which don’t fit you anymore or came out of style? We are happy to re-design or alter, to perfectly fit your figure and mark your style. It can be anything from tops, trousers, skirts, jacket to evening dresses and suits.



Do you have a vision, how your perfect wedding dress should look like? Bring it to us. We personalize and customize it, to make you feel like a princess on the special day. We can alter and resize. We can add any decorations to it like lace, beading, embroidery, ribbons etc.
We also take care of prom, ball, bridesmaid dresses and wedding suits. 

We do any kind of alterations and repairs to leather garment like zip replacement, torn panels replacement, sleeves shortening, relining and resizing. 


Goldon Button Sewing and Alterations


Golden Button Sewing & Alteration

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4 Purewell,  BH23 1EP, Christchurch

Shop Opening Times

Monday to Fri 9am - 5.30pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm
Sunday Closed  


07918 554569
4 Purewell,
BH23 1EP, Christchurch


Facebook: @goldenbutton